Governance & General Rules 2017


  • Handi Media Pty Ltd ABN: 66 605 108 558 is the owner of the MyFaceMyBody Awards Australasia– The only consumer awards dedicated to the Aesthetic Industry.
  • The CEO of Handi Media Pty Ltd appoints an Independent Judging Panel from leading global industry experts, journalists and Media partners.
  • Handi Media Pty Ltd will manage all matters in relation to entrants, entries, payments and administration of the MyFaceMyBody Awards.
  • All enquiries in regards to entry related matters should be directed to Rachel Houlbrook at [email protected]
  • No Director or employee of Handi Media Pty Ltd may be a member of the Independent Judging Panel.


  1. To be eligible for a MyFaceMyBody Awards an entrant must:
    • Prior to the closing date for entries, submit their entry using the online portal made available on the MyFaceMyBody Website and be entered into one or more categories.
    • Meet the criteria set out for each category
    • Submit all supporting evidence appropriate via the online portal.
  1. Each person submitting an entry into the MyFaceMyBody Awards (the entrant) is required to agree to the following terms and conditions:
    • The entrant has read and understood the General Rules and the Judging Process and agrees to be bound by those rules.
    • Entries will be put forward to the Independent Judging Panel only if they are submitted prior to the closing date. Late entries may not be accepted.
    • All information submitted as part of an entry must be true, complete and correct as at the close of entries
    • Each category has a judging criteria. Entrants should familiarise themselves with the criteria before commencing with their submissions.
    • Handi Media Pty Ltd reserves the right to reject an entry without giving reasons or to terminate an entry at any time.
    • By uploading material ( including images, photographs or video) to the entry portal you grant Handi Media Pty Ltd an irrevocable, permanent right to use this material in any way to promote the entry, the awards event or other marketing activities related to Handi MediaPty Ltd and MyFaceMyBody global content strategies.
    • By uploading material ( including images, photographs or video) to the entry portal or providing it as supporting evidence, you warrant that you either own the material or have acquired sufficient rights to grant the rights detailed above and you agree to indemnify Handi Media Pty Ltd and MyFaceMyBody Awards against any loss or damage caused by your breach of this warranty.
    • All shortlisted finalists entries will be made public via the MyFaceMyBody Website.
    • Media releases and photographs will be distributed.
  1. Where appropriate Handi Media Pty Ltd may set limits on entries such as word counts, number of images made public, number and duration of video submissions or upload file size and format.
  2. The close of entries will be at midnight on the date advertised on the MyFaceMyBody Awards website.
  3. Handi Media Pty Ltd may, at its own discretion, delay the Close of entries.
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, the following are allowed:
    • Entries are permitted under multiple categories
    • Aesthetic Practitioners are permitted to nominate and submit entries on behalf of brands they feel warrant an award as long as they can demonstrate it meets the criteria for the category being entered
    • Entries are permitted to be put forward by sponsors or partners of the MyFaceMyBody Awards ( please note that as the judging and voting process is entirely separate from the commercial arrangements for the awards, there is no advantage for sponsors or partners in the judging process)
    • Entries are permitted to be put forward by members of the judging panel, provided the conflict of interest is declared and the process for managing the conflicts contained in the judging process are observed.
  1. Entrants must not alter any marketing collateral related to the awards provided by Handi Media Pty Ltd this includes banners, voting badges, finalists and winners badges.


  • The CEO of Handi Media Pty Ltd appoints the Independent Judging Panel.
  • The CEO of Handi Media Pty Ltd may, at any time cease the appointment of a member of the Independent  Judging Panel.
  • The Role of the members of the Independent Judging Panel is to consider entries and confer all awards in accordance with the published Judging Process
  • Prior to the commencement of judging, each member of the Independent Judging Panel is required to agree to the following terms and conditions of Judging:
    • I do not in part or in full own the MyFaceMyBody Awards and I am not a director or employee of Handi Media. Pty Ltd
    • Aside from my role in judging my assigned entries under this agreement, I have no responsibility for the organisation, administration or procedural handling of the Awards event.
    • I have volunteered my time and expertise to judge a number of entries in the MyFaceMyBody Awards and that when the task is completed, my role will be at an end.
    • My role as a judge in the MyFaceMyBody Awards will be made public by Handi Media Pty Ltd via the MyFaceMyBody Awards website.
    • My role as a judge of any particular category or entry will be kept entirely confidential by Handi Media Pty Ltd.
    • In performing my duties as a judge, I agree to represent the MyFaceMyBody Awards at all times with the utmost fairness and professionalism.
    • I agree to immediately notify Handi Media Pty Ltd of any real or perceived conflict of interest in any entry that I may be asked to judge and to follow the instructions detailed in the judging process in reflect of this conflict.
    • I agree to use the judges portal to read and score the entries assigned to me.
    • I agree to complete all judging within the defined time frames.
    • I agree to recognise the confidential nature of the information disclosed to me and adhere to the code of conduct provided by Handi Media Pty Ltd.
  • The Independent Judging Panel must consider entries in accordance with the published Judging Process.


The MyFaceMyBody Awards does not have an appeals process. All decisions by the Independent Judging Panel are final. Handi Media  Pty Ltd welcomes feedback and encourages constructive criticism aimed at improving the awards.

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